Bridges collapse, embankments washed away as flood creates havoc in Assam

  • Bridges collapse, embankments washed away as flood creates havoc in Assam
13-08-2017 | Pratidin Bureau. |

Damages due to the recent wave of flash floods in Assam has left the state devastated and in grief. In recent shocking incidents across the state, a bridged collapsed in Kaliabor while an embankment flushed away in Nagaon.

In Kaliabor, a bridge connecting Uluboni and Milan Nagar crashed down in seconds and was submerged into the heavily flowing flood water. The disaster has now turned out to be a major headache for locals of the two villages as commuting between the places has become impossible now. The fresh wave of floods this time has devastated four bridges in total in the state.

In another major  incident, an embankment that was recently rebuild, has been damaged and flushed away by the flood water in Laokhowa village, Nagaon. Following the incident, 12 villages near the embankment have come under the grip of heavy flood and have been totally submerged.

Locals of Laokhowa village have accused that the authorities used sand from Brahmaputra bank to build the embankment because which it wasn’t properly developed and strong enough.  The embankment was constructed with a budget of INR 22 crore recently.

Meanwhile, Situation in Assam has continued to get worse and life threatening as fresh wave of floods in the state has affected over 11 lakh people in 21 districts. Till today morning, 14 people lost their life due to the havoc caused by the floods.

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