Build adequate infrastructures before sending Ministers overseas to promote tourism: RP Sharma to government

  • Build adequate infrastructures before sending Ministers overseas to promote tourism: RP Sharma to government
20-10-2017 | Pratidin Bureau. |

Senior BJP leader and MP from Tezpur, Ram Prasad Sharma on Friday said that Sarbananda Sonowal led State government should first ensure that their Ministers possess the required knowledge on tourism sector before sending them to overseas to promote Assam tourism.

In his facebook update, MP RP Sharma said, “It is a very welcome step by the government of Assam to industrialise tourism in the state. Thanks to Honourable Minister, Tourism. But I want add that before sending the Ministers to foreign land for advertisement, the government must ensure their interest and knowledge on tourism sector, types of tourism in Assam, their power of expression to make the foreigners, including people from other states, understand the potentiality of tourism in Assam.”

His reaction has come after Assam Tourism Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Thursday announced ‘Tourism policy of Assam 2017’. Himanta Biswa Sarma had informed that, beginning from November 1 this year, Assam Tourism will launch a massive campaign to promote its ‘Awesome Assam’ brand both globally and within the country. Road shows lead by every minister of Assam will be organized in US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Myanmar as well as in various other parts of the country, he had added.

MP RP Sharma emphasized that the State government build adequate infrastructures related to tourism before alluring tourists to the State. Sharma said, “Before inviting tourists, Government should build up tourism infrastructure in the state.”

He also stated an imaginary situation to describe the pathetic conditions of government guest houses in the State. The MP wrote, “Imagine a situation:: a chief minister stays overnight in a government guest house in Kaziranga, next morning goes to washroom for a bath, after smearing soap all over his body finds there is no water in the tap, calls his PA over cell phone and waits for ten minutes before the water flows to his washroom. If such is the condition of our government guest house, who would come to Assam!?”

RP Sharma advised the State government to learn from Gujarat, Goa, Karnataka and other States in this regard. “Tourists want good facilities, quick quality service and secure and comfortable stay. The employees in government guest houses should be given hard core training and enforce strict discipline for running a guest house.”

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