Governor and CM greets Assam on the occasion of Bihu

  • Governor and CM greets Assam on the occasion of Bihu
15-04-2018 | Pratidin Bureau. |

Assam has been echoing with the sounds of Dhol, Pepa and Gogona as it prepares for the Bihu season. It started on Saturday that the state started dancing to the tunes of Rongali Bihu which marks the beginning of the Assamese New Year and the end of the harvesting season. Governor of Assam, Jagdish Mukhi and the Chief Minister of Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal has extended their greetings on this occasion.

Governor conveyed his greetings saying, "Let this Bihu which marks the advent of Assamese New Year be a harbinger of a new dawn of warm and harmonious relationship and peace, prosperity and progress in the state". The Governor wished for that the celebrations of Rongali Bihu strengthen love and goodwill among all sections of the people and fortify the bond of unity and warmth among them. "Let this Rongali Bihu and the Assamese New Year be a reason for the people of Assam to take a pledge for a 'Swachh Bharat' and 'Swachh Assam'," he added.

Sonowal extended his Bihu wishes saying, "Assam is a land where people representing all caste, creed, and community live in absolute harmony. Since time immemorial people of all sections have been living in the state upholding the tenets of peace, prosperity and mutual co-existence", adding that Bihu is a festival which constitutes the lifeline of the people of Assam and the root of the composite culture of Assam.

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