People of Assam to celebrate Magh Bihu Uruka today

  • People of Assam to celebrate Magh Bihu Uruka today
13-01-2018 | Pratidin Bureau. |

The people of Assam are all set to celebrate Uruka of Magh Bihu, the harvest festival across the State on Saturday. The celebrations of Magh Bihu would begin with uruka today, when people would gather at a common place and organise community feasts.

Bihu is one of the most celebrated cultural festivals of Assam, which is celebrated by the Assamese diaspora around the world cutting across caste, creed, and belief.

Magh Bihu is meant to feast, dance, sing, and enjoy as a harvest festival when granaries are full. On the eve of the festival called Uruka, men folk go to the field, to build a makeshift cottage called Bhela-ghar with the hay and the bonfire or Meji. During the night there is community feasting everywhere in the villages.

The night spent around a Meji with people singing bihu songs, beating dhol and playing games. The next morning men folk take a bath and burn the main Meji. Everyone gather around the Meji and throw rice cakes and betel nuts in the fire. They offer their prayers to the God of Fire and mark the end of the harvesting year.

In the morning, people bring half burnt firewood for being thrown among fruit trees tied to paddy stems. The most favourite snack of Magh Bihu is Aroiya Pitha made of sticky rice, shredded Coconut and sugar.

Pratidin Time wishes its viewers a Happy Magh Bihu!

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