Sarak Puja celebrated by Adivasis of Assam

  • Sarak Puja celebrated by Adivasis of Assam
16-04-2018 | Pratidin Bureau. |

When the people of Assam celebrated Rongali Bihu, a section of them gathered together to celebrate ‘Sarak Puja’ in Sonari and some other parts of the state. A festival of the Adivasis of Assam, the puja witnesses devotees torturing themselves.

For the puja, devotees of Lord Shiva go on rigorous rituals along with fasting for a month. The followers of Lord Shiva walk barefoot on fire and show their devotion by torturing themselves with various types of weapons, tools and other such performances.

Rituals involve walking barefoot on fire, piercing oneself with needles and trishuls, cutting oneself with sharp knives among others.

This folk festival is celebrated by followers of Lord Shiva and is popular in parts of West Bengal.

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