Zomato Now in Competition with Food Ordering Site Foodpanda

  • Zomato Now in Competition with Food Ordering Site Foodpanda
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The famous and most widely accessed restaurant information and review site Zomato is ready to pose as a competitor to the online food delivery site FoodPanda as it has plans of starting online food delivery orders too just very soon. Already started in Delhi first and then to other parts of the country, Zomato is expected to go large and pretty successful with an established reputation with the restaurants and in the catering zone.

The investment for the start up, as revealed by Zomato is Rs 300 crore. For the time being, buyers based in the national capital region can take the benefit of ordering for food online by visiting the website and its list of 1,000 restaurants. With the food lovers of Delhi taking the advantage of the Zomato food ordering service, now it is the turn for the people in Bengaluru, Mumbai and other Indian cities as the online food ordering service is going soon to the mentioned cities. Zomato has taken an aim of enabling 10,000 restaurants to sell online through it in these cities and this indicates, all best restaurants in your city are to treat you with some delicious cuisines right at your doorstep.

Deepinder Goyal, founder and chief executive of Zomato said, "The idea is that when a user wants to communicate with a restaurant, be it finding out which restaurant you want to go to, calling a restaurant, booking a table, making cashless payments, and even ordering food online, you should be using Zomato to do it." This means, Zomato will remain as the middle man between the customers and the restaurants and will ensure that the customer derives the best service and best food with no scope to make a complain.

However, other than the restaurants physically existing in the world, Zomato is now covering about 60 other restaurants as well which are only Internet-first restaurants and not found physically anywhere. With the number of restaurants only increasing in the site, it is now worth about $14 billion (around Rs 86,600 crore) in India and $371 billion globally. 

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