A Single Emergency Number Soon to be Implemented in India

  • A Single Emergency Number Soon to be Implemented in India
08-04-2015 , :: . |

Like other developed countries of the world, India too is going to have its very own one particular emergency number that will be in action across the country, irrespective of any city or state. The need for a common emergency number has always been felt in India and now with the announcement of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), this need seems soon to be fulfilled.

The emergency number to be implemented in India has also been declared by the TRAI and this Emergency Communication & Response System (IECRS) number is decided as '112' which is soon going to be in action as an emergency helpline for all sorts of crisis and danger faced by a person.

The calls made to the number '112', either from a landline or mobile phone, will be directed to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and this PSAP will work more like a call centre. There will be particular PSAPs in each state and it depends on the respective governments as to how many such PSAPs do they want to set up in their state/ Union Territory.

However, the emergence of the new number will not bring any change in the use of other emergency numbers that are already existing, like those of 100, 101, 102 ands 108 etc. These will still continue to operate as secondary emergency numbers and in fact, in future, the calls made to these numbers too will be routed to 112.

For further ease of access of the emergency service and for hassle-free dialling of the 112, TRAI has also announced that the emergency calls will be allowed to be made by mobile phone users in spite of being barred from making outgoing calls. There will be helpline service via SMS as well. 

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