PM Modi Blames the Changing Lifestyle for the Rising Pollution

  • PM Modi Blames the Changing Lifestyle for the Rising Pollution
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The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has blamed his countrymen for their growing interest in advanced lifestyles which has led to an increase in air pollution in the country. Modi, since his first day at work as the PM of India has expressed his concern for climate change, for cleanliness and for control in air pollution. He has been seen adopting many cleanliness drives to make sure that his nation’s people live a healthy and long life as the world is moving towards a more contaminated and unhealthy place to live day by day.

As expressed by the PM, the people of India have become more interested in adopting the modern lifestyles and have given up or forgotten many old things or practices which has indirectly led to a more polluted country. This has caused the country to possess some of the world’s dirtiest air.

Modi has urged the people of the nation to put efforts in curtailing the wastes that are sometimes more than what is needed and conserve resources. There may be wealthy people who can afford costlier and better things, but that does not mean they would go disposing the unnecessary things and resources which in a way, increases waste and also pollutes the place.

Modi stated, “Until we focus on our lifestyle and get the world to focus on it, we will not succeed despite all other measures being taken. It is difficult to convince the developed nations about this.”  Hence, Modi also added that being a developing nation, India should be that one country who could set an example to the whole world and show how the climate and the environment can be saved.

As stated by the World Health Organization, the air pollution has been killing millions of people every year which also includes more than 627,000 people from India.

Hence, it is high time that the Indians should realize the call of the moment and react to it with what is possible on their part because if this pollution continues, that day will not be far when the planet called Earth will go extinct from this universe.

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