15 non-Assamese businessmen involved in production of cheap Gamusas

  • 15 non-Assamese businessmen involved in production of cheap Gamusas
12-04-2018 | Pratidin Bureau. |

Even after strict scrutiny by Assam police, the state’s market has been flooded with gamusas made in other states. The state police despite being rigid about the prohibition of sale of gamusas made in other states, there are still businessmen from Chennai, Surat and ludhiana among other states who have not stopped their businesses operating under the nose of the police.

These rich businessmen supplying cheap gamusas in the market has pushed the local weaver-businessmen into deep concern. It may be noted here that the entire racket of making machine-made cheap gamusas available has been controlled from Fancy Bazar. The cheap gamusas have posed as an obstacle in the income of local weaver- businessmen.

According to reports, there are 15 non-Assamese businessmen from Fancy Bazar who collaborate with big companies from Chennai, Surat and Ludhiana in bringing these gamusas to Assam. As a result these cheap gamusas are available in abundance in areas like fancy bazar, Paltan bazar and Maligaon. 

The still ongoing illegal business has been reported after being raided by the police in areas like Fancy Bazar, Chandmari, Bamunimaidan and Ganeshguri among others.

Handloom and Textile Minister Ranjit Dutta has stated that strict measures for gamusas brought in from other states to Assam are under process.

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