84 cases of irregularities found in Foreigners’ Tribunal of Nalbari

  • 84 cases of irregularities found in Foreigners’ Tribunal of Nalbari
10-01-2018 | Pratidin Bureau. |

When the Foreigners’ Tribunal of the State was responsible to identify the illegal immigrants living here, serious cases of malfeasance have come to the light in the Foreigners’ Tribunal of Nalbari. Pouring cold water in the hopes of the government and the people of the State, these tribunals were involved in severe cases of irregularities. Granting nationality to the illegal immigrants by these tribunals who were responsible to identify them has aroused serious threat to the ongoing National Register of Citizens (NRC) procedure.

The malfeasance occurred in No. 2 Nalbari Foreigners’ Tribunal has caused havoc in the Gauhati High Court and the Home Ministry of the State. The High court itself registered a case in this regard and has asked to seize the documents and reports of the 84 cases involved in this dysfunction. According to reports the files and documents of the 84 cases which were filed in the No. 2 Nalbari Foreigners’ Tribunal, to identify the identities of these people were no-where to be found. According to rule, the details of the person who was granted nationality or identified as immigrant must be present in the Tribunal.

In eight of the cases, the signature of the Commissioner of the Foreigners’ Tribunal of Nalbari was missing in the documents, where 8 persons (alleged immigrants) were granted nationality. Similarly in another 72 cases malpractice, negligence and corruption can be seen in the No. 2 Nalbari Foreigners’ Tribunal. In total of 84 cases there was no trace of files and documents or authorities’ signature where convicts were either granted Nationality or are declared as non immigrants.

The Gauhati High Court has registered a case (Case No. 22/2017) and has ordered a hearing on 5th of February, 2018 on this regard.

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