Big blast inside the Sun: Largest solar flare in more than a decade

  • Big blast inside the Sun: Largest solar flare in more than a decade
09-09-2017 | Pratidin Bureau. |

On September 6, the sun unleashed a giant explosion of light and particles. At a magnitude of X9.3, it’s the largest solar flare since 2005. The flare also triggered a huge secondary blast of charged particles, which zoom through space at millions of miles an hour.

According to scientists, the Sun has produced six sizable flares in the same region since Monday. The two most recent were captured Thursday morning by NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory. Both flares were massive but the second is the largest on record since 2006 measuring a whopping X9.3. NASA classifies flares according to strength placing the weakest in the A class and the strongest like this one in the X class. In comparison the largest flare in history is classified as an X28.

A solar flare is a powerful burst of radiation. While harmful rays can't pass through Earth's atmosphere and hurt humans, it can disturb the atmospheric layer, the GPS and communication signals travel through, causing a radio blackout following the event.

Flares release large amount of energy into space which send clouds of electrons, atoms and ions toward Earth. Scientists said sky watchers in high latitude regions can expect brilliant Aurora's resulting from these particles.

The Sun is currently heading toward a low activity period in its natural 11-year cycle which makes these events all the more puzzling to scientists. Recently we have seen the devastating effect of extreme weather on earth and these abnormal solar flares revealed that extreme weather is also happening in space.

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