Celebrating Rongali, enthusiast ‘Bihutoli’

  • Celebrating Rongali, enthusiast ‘Bihutoli’
17-04-2018 | Pratidin Bureau. |

The name ‘Rongali’ suggests happiness, cheerfulness, joyous atmosphere and anything happy one can think of. Rongali Bihu is being celebrated heralding the advent of the spring season. It is a festive season in Assam which takes everyone into its cusp. Dancing to the tunes of Bihu and not barring anyone based on the age factor is what makes the essence of Bihu so unique. People gather in Bihutolis (Bihu stages) to dance and sing along with the performers.

Chandmari East-Guwahati Bihu Sanmilan, Geetanagar Bihu sanmilan are among the Bihutolis where Bihu dance competition and other competitions did not tire the audience until sunrise. Not only in Guwahati, but audience all over Assam witnessed cultural programmes till late hours.

Right from Saturday which is celebrated as ‘Goru Bihu’ people of Assam set in their festive mood. On this day, people bring their cattle to a water source and using turmeric and gram paste cleanse them. Then the cattle are thanked for contributing in a good harvest and are offered vegetables and ‘Bor Pitha’ which is a delicacy made from rice and jaggery.

Sunday celebrating ‘Manuh Bihu’ people apply turmeric and gram paste and bath and wear new clothes. The elders in the family are gifted the Gamusa or Bihuwan as a means of showing respect in return en they seek blessings from elders. Later visiting their relatives and friends and making merry.

Ending the month with ‘Bohagi Bidai’ with hopes of greeting it with even more excitement and even more enthusiasm next year, Assam bids farewell to Rongali Bihu.

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