Chinese submarine spotted in Indian Ocean

  • Chinese submarine spotted in Indian Ocean
05-07-2017 | Pratidin Bureau. |

The already tensed situation between India and China isn’t expected to get better any sooner as China has been criticized for deploying a submarine in the Indian Ocean. With the present tense situation between Indian Army and China’s People Liberation Army in the border area near Sikkim, this drastic measure by China has led to a lot criticism from India and is likely to affect chances of peace talks between the countries.

According to images and information picked up by an Indian satellite, 14 Chinese navy warships have been already deployed by China, ready to fire at the very first instance of any response from India. Wading through the Indian Ocean now is a Yuan class – conventional diesel electric submarine and is widely deemed to be an aggressive move by the Chinese.

The Yuan class submarine detected by the Indian Navy this year is first the submarine to be sent to the Indian Ocean Region in 2017. Worryingly for India, the increased warship deployment goes hand in hand with the deployment of Hydrographic, Oceanographic vessels and spy-ships in the Indian Ocean to map the sea bed.

Sources have suggested that the moves have nothing to do with the rift between the armies along the Indian border but China’s increased interference in the India backyard cannot be ignored and are a reason enough to be concerned about.

China has increasingly been active in the Indian Ocean region, anchoring its warships at the ports of other countries in the region and bypassing Indian influence on its neighbors.

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