High Court warns NRC authority to be careful while including names in the draft NRC

  • High Court warns NRC authority to be careful while including names in the draft NRC
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The process of updation of National Register of Citizens (NRC) has been in full swing to protect Assam and its people from the illegal immigrants. But, even after the establishment of Foreigners’ Tribunal in every district, immigrants have been living in the State without any fear.

When the indigenous people believed NRC as a shield to protect their culture, the Gauhati High Court has doubted “illegal immigrant’s names can be included in the NRC draft” following a number of complaints registered in the State. Two separate cases have confounded the Gauhati High Court when, “declared-foreigner” individuals were successful in presenting voter-ID and their names being registered in the voter list. In one word the declared Bangladeshis were successful in identifying themselves as citizen of this Nation. With this alarming incident the Gauhati High Court has been suspicious that illegal immigrants could be successful in registering their name in the ongoing NRC updation procedure.

Therefore the High Court has directed the NRC authority to be alarmed while listing the names in the draft NRC. The Court further asked the NRC authority and the Election commission to involve them if ‘declared-foreigner’ individual files a case regarding their nationality in court.

It is to be noticed that the High Court has released this declaration after two individuals have filed separate cases even after the Foreigners’ Tribunal has declared them as foreigners. It is to be mentioned that Meherjan Bibi was declared foreigner in 6th January, 2012 by the Nalbari Foreigners Tribunal, when she was unable to present documents which supported her claim that she had came to Assam from Bangladesh before 1971. After the declaration she filed a case in the district court and further not satisfied with the verdict she approached the High Court, where the incident came to light during the hearing session as after a year of the declaration she received her voter-ID from the election commission on 1st October, 2013. Meherjan Bibi’s name was register in the Barkhetri legislative constituency in 2014.

Another similar incident raised the eye of the High Court where a person was declared foreigner by the Mangaldoi Foreigners Tribunal under the case no. 195/2006 in 2008 has also filed a case regarding his nationality in court. Later it was found that, his name was included in the voter list of Dalgaon legislative constituency in 2010.

These two incidents have raised serious threat of illegal immigrants likely to be residing in the State and also revealed a possibility of registering their name in NRC.

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