Pratidin Exclusive: China occupies disputed Doklam

  • Pratidin Exclusive: China occupies disputed Doklam
18-01-2018 | Pratidin Bureau. |

In a shocking development, new satellite images showed a massive, full-fledged Chinese military complex has been built within Doklam, five months after India and China ended a 70-day standoff in the region. Doklam lies to the east of Sikkim.

The most clear satellite image available so far indicated a Chinese military buildup within the region that Bhutan claims as its own. It should be noted that, last month, Pratidin Time reported the story with images of a new road being built by the Chinese in the Doklam plateau which is approximately 10 KM wide. Meanwhile, the new images showed several military structures along the East-West road in the disputed region.

The satellite images showed the entire disputed Doklam area, on the left of which the Indian post of Doka La in Sikkim and the Sinche La pass between Doklam and China to the east. There are trenches visible at another site where there is Chinese construction. In all locations, military structures and infrastructure has been visible. There were also two helipads, clearly demarcated by an H marking.

The images showed Indian post of Doka La in Sikkim to the left and just 81 meters away were the Chinese structures. Satellite images available in the public domain and shot in December indicate that the Chinese never stopped their infrastructure buildup in the region, which was claimed by the External Affairs Ministry on October 7.

Meanwhile, referring to Army Chief General Bipin Rawat’s last week’s remarks, when he had said that India needed to shift its military focus from its western border with Pakistan to its northern border with China, an editorial in Global Times, which has been run by the Communist Party of China said, “The Indian Army seems to have failed to learn its lesson from the Doklam standoff. If India continues making provocations, it should expect harsh punishment from the Chinese army.”

“Confronting China entails an unbearably high strategic cost for India. New Delhi should cherish the amicable policy adopted by Beijing,” it also read.

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