Twitter is giving everyone nearly 280 characters tweets

  • Twitter is giving everyone nearly 280 characters tweets
08-11-2017 | Pratidin Bureau. |

Twitter has ended its iconic 140-character limit and given nearly 280 characters to everyone. It has also said that users tweeting in Chinese, Japanese and Korean will still have the original limit as writing in those languages uses fewer characters.

According to Twitter, 9 per cent of tweets written in English hit the 140-character limit. It said, people end up spending more time editing tweets or don’t send them out at all.

Twitter hopes that the expanded limit will get more people tweeting more, helping its lackluster user growth. The company has been testing the new limit for weeks and is starting to roll it out on Wednesday.

It has been slowly easing restrictions to let people use more characters into a tweet. It has stopped counting polls, photos, videos and other things toward the limit.

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