Assam set to celebrate ’Uruka’ on Friday

  • Assam set to celebrate ’Uruka’ on Friday
12-01-2017 | Pratidin Bureau. |

Assam is all set to celebrate ‘Uruka’ on Friday. Preparations are in full swing across the state to celebrate Bhogali Bihu, one of the biggest festivals of Assam that marks the end of the harvesting season.
Bhogali Bihu is also marked by feasts and bonfires. In various places of the state people have made set up temporary huts or pandals in open spaces where food will be cooked on the evening of Uruka on Friday for community feasts.
At home the women folk prepare a variety of sweets, including ‘pitha’ prepared from a special sticky red ‘bora’ rice, coconut, sesame and jaggery.
After a night of merry-making and feasting, on Saturday at the crack of dawn the ‘mejis’ will be set ablaze to the chanting of prayers appealing to the fire god (Agni) not to cause destruction during the coming dry months.
The spirit of the Bihu festivities and celebrations grips the state a week ahead of the occasion with people going to their native places to celebrate Bihu with their near and dear ones.

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