No escaping Guwahati traffic jams: Proper traffic management needed

  • No escaping Guwahati traffic jams: Proper traffic management needed
16-06-2017 | Pratidin Bureau. |

Severe traffic snarls were witnessed on Friday in major roads of Guwahati as too many cars for the roadway due to inadequate mass transit options.
The increase in the traffic snarls because of the spike in the number of vehicles on the road has forced several commuters to spend twice as much time on the roads.
Around 11 AM, severe traffic congestion was reported in the GS road. Within an hour, there were long tailbacks witnessed at the stretches between Ganeshguri and Paltan Bazaar and between Chandmari and Guwahati Club area.
By noon, the congestion led to a chock-a-block situation in and around Ulubari and Bhangagarh, where hundreds of commuters were stuck in a severe jam.
By 1 PM, the traffic snarls at GS road and Paltan Bazaar worsened, and its ripple effect was witnessed at Pan Bazaar and AT road respectively.
Guwahati has turned into a town of traffic jam due to negligence of the authorities concerned. Increased population, encroachment on roads and footpaths, markets and establishments without parking spaces and plying of a large number of Ola-Uber cabs are reasons behind the traffic jams.
Several illegal car parking at different spots make the situation worse, causing sufferings to the people.
Traffic congestion is a growing problem in many metropolitan areas. Congestion increases travel time, air pollution, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and fuel use because cars cannot run efficiently.

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