Tax evasion scam in North Eastern Coalfields at Margherita: 14 imported vehicles seized

  • Tax evasion scam in North Eastern Coalfields at Margherita: 14 imported vehicles seized
16-06-2017 | Pratidin Bureau. |

Mining companies involved in coal mining in North Eastern Coalfields in Margherita have been frauding tax of crore in the previous years.
The fraudery have come to light after police on Thursday seized 14 vehicles of Uttar Pradesh based company ANE mining in Tinsukia district.
An operation was launched by Makum police, Panitula police and district transport office of Tinsukia to seize these imported vehicles of the company.
Makum police had seized 8 Mercedes dumpers which were kept hidden in a warehouse of Old Marine Plyboard factory in Makum. On the other hand, Panitula police with Tinsukia district transport department had seized another 6 Mercedes dumpers which were kept hidden at a stone factory in Laipuli area under Panitula police station.
According to sources, mining companies have been continuously importing vehicles from outside of the state and illegally using them in mining and frauding more than Rs. 2 crore of transport taxes annually.
It has been also alleged that mining companies are not only frauding taxes, but they have been also selling parts of the imported vehicles like Mercedes and Volvo after using them for three to four years in foreign countries.
Police have detained three Egyptian nationals in Tinsukia, who have come to buy parts of such imported vehicles.
It is worth mentioning that, each vehicle has been frauding Rs. 2 lakh of transport taxes annually since 2014.
The transport department said that, these 14 vehicles have been frauding more than Rs. 1 crore 12 lakh for last four years.
Meanwhile, the All Tai Ahom Students Union (ATASU) and many other organisations have demanded a CBI investigation into the matter.

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