1 killed, 6 injured in separate road accidents


A deadly road accident has taken place at the Dipu region in Tezpur on Monday morning.

As per reports, the accident has taken place between a truck and an Eon car. It was suspected that the accident has taken place due to dense fog.

However, due to the accident, the driver of the car had died at the scene and the passenger of the car got critically injured. After the accident had taken place, the truck driver had lost his control over the vehicle and fall down from a bridge to a river.

One another road accident had taken place at NH 17 in Dudhnoi at the early morning on Monday when the driver of a Swift desire (ML-05S-1133) had lost his control over the car and fall down into a ditch when it was on its way to Tura from Shillong along with four others of the same family.

It was suspected that this accident also had taken place due to the dense fog in the early morning and high speed of the car. Due to the accident, the complete family got critically injured along with the driver.

Reportedly, the injured persons have identified as Petresiya Suwein, Kalpe Singh Suwein, Penteng Suwein, Iraplang Suwein, and driver Aibam Selstar Iuriya. All the injured had sent to the hospital for further treatment.

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