“10 Point Guarantees Card”: Arvind Kejriwal


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal promised a set of what he called a “10-point guarantee card” to the voter that AAP will deliver on if it is elected to rule Delhi again.

“10-point guarantee card”  includes free bus rides for women’s and students, deployment of ‘mohalla marshals’ for women’s security, clean- environment 300% less pollution and will plant 2cr tress in Delhi, 24- hours drinking water, world-class education to every child, Clean and Safe Delhi for, CCTV and House.

Kejriwal said, “I am giving 10 guarantees to the people of Delhi. This is not a manifesto. We will launch a comprehensive manifesto in 7-10 days. The manifesto will have more things specific for students, teachers, among others. This will be for everyone,”

The mandate date for the Delhi Assembly election is 8th February and the mandate is on 11th February.

The Aam Aadmi Party had won 67 of Delhi’s 70 seats in the 2015 assembly elections. AAP has already named candidates for all 70 seats, fielding 46 sitting MLAs and 24 new faces.

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