108, 102 and ERO employees launch protest



The employees of 108, 102 and ERO launched a protest in Guwahati on friday. The emergency healthcare services’ employees protest was against the government and GVK EMRI for depriving their rights.

The protestors accused GVK EMRI of not following the labor laws and depriving the emergency health care employees from their increment.

The protestors also said that if their demands are not fulfilled by Sept 4th they would launch a more intense protest within the state.

Almost 300 protestors marched from Guwahati Club to District Commissioner’s office and handed over a memorandum in demand of their long deprived rights.

As a part of the protest the protesters displayed play cards and chanted slogans‘ amar dabi maniboi lagibo’(our demands must be fulfilled), ‘syndicate bondho korok’ (ban syndicate) amongst various others.

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