108, 102 employees’ indefinite strike continues


All Assam 108 Mrityunjoy Employees’ Association and National ambulance service (NAS) 102 employees’ have carried out an indefinite strike to protest against the exploitation and various issues related to the service from Tuesday night.

According to the association, the drivers, emergency medical technicians and emergency response officers who are involving in the service will participate in the strike.

Speaking to media General Secretary of All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) Ramen Das said that since 2012, the employees of 108 Mrityunjoy have been suffering various problems including non-payment of annual increment, excess working hours, nominal payments for maintenance of ambulance etc.

He also added that Hyderabad-based GVK-EMRI has been breaking the service and labour rules and the company shows interest in earning profits than service.

It may be mentioned that monthly allotment for fuel per Mrityunjoy ambulance is Rs 20,000 and if the allotted money is spent, then that ambulance goes out of service for the rest of the month.

This indefinite strike by 108 and 102 employees affected severely. Due to the strike health department has failed to provide emergency services in across the state of Assam.

On the other hand, a boat carrying around 40 people had capsized near Aswaklanta Temple on Wednesday afternoon. But, due to the indefinite strike, administration had failed to bring the victims to hospital on time.

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