108 employees protest declared illegal under ESMA


The ongoing protest by the 108 employees have been declared illegal under the The Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA).

In reaction to GVK EMRI’s advertisements  for new employees,  the 108 employees threatened GVK EMRI of self immolation if they recruit new employees.

They also said that it would cause threat to the lives of 3000 educated youths who works in the 108 emergency  service.

They also said there is a understanding between GVK EMRI and the Ministers and GVK have been breaking the service and labor rules. They said the new employees that will be recruited would face the same fate.

GVK EMRI Vice President Sanjay Jha held a press meet at Guwahati Press Club today. He said that most people of employees association have not been working since sept 4.The salaries of the employees were increased during 2014, 2015 and 2016. He also said that the salaries of the employees were increased in 2018. The service of the 108 can not be halted as it would cause problems in the state emergency health care service.When the call centre employees went on strike, the GVK management had to run the service on their own and they had to put the advertisement for new employees.


Earlier, All Assam 108 Mrityunjoy Employees’ Association and National ambulance service (NAS) 102 employees’ carried out an indefinite strike to protest against the exploitation and various issues related to the service.

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