123 Animals Killed in Kaziranga Flood


The Kaziranga National Park (KNP) has been inundated in water in the third wave of flood. Around 92 percent of the park has been submerged underwater.

The park authority said that 152 camps have been inundated with flood. The authorities informed that a total of 123 animals have been killed in the flood including 12 rhinos.

The authorities further informed that 223 camps of Kaziranga Tiger Reserve have been submerged under water. It has been further informed that 17 animals have been killed in road accident, 16 died during treatment while 68 animals drowned in the water, 4 animals killed naturally and 18 killed due to other reasons.

Out of the 123 animals killed in Kaziranga, 93 are hog deer, 4 buffaloes, 7 pigs, and 2 swamp deer.

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