16,000 tonnes of steel gone in 16 seconds


Explosives brought down 16,000 tons of steel in only 16 seconds, the Martin Tower’s, which was the former headquarters of the Bethlehem Steel, was one of the biggest ships and armaments to the US army during the second world war.

Martin Tower – Controlled Demolition, Inc.

The current owners of the Martin Towers decided to demolish the tower as they are currently planning to develop a new building that would cost them $200 million USD. The new building will be home to medical offices, restaurants, 528 apartments, a hotel, and a convenience store.

The Bethlehem Steel was one of the biggest suppliers of armaments and ships to the US military during the second world war, and its metal was so famous back then, it is even used in the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, and many famous buildings in the United States.

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