170 Year Mosque in Hajo is in Danger


The flood has caused much damage to the state of Assam and with other parts of the state, the historical place of Hajo is also under threat as the 170 years mosque and school premises are in danger as erosion can sweep away the structures at any time.

The mosque and the school premises are under threat as the erosion of Puthimari River can sweep away the structures at any moment living the people in fear. Many families in 1 No Bhelkor area are in danger as the River embankments are breaching in every moment.

The locals alleged that despite of making the government aware of the erosion, the government has not taken any step. The people are seen covering the embankments with bamboo in order to make the place safe from erosion.

People residing in the banks of the river have shifted to other places as erosion might sweep away their houses and in the 170 years old mosque might erupt in the erosion. The old mosque in the Bongalpara area might be removed from the historical map of Hajo as erosion might sweep the structure at any moment.

Meanwhile, locals alleged that if the mosque would be swept away there is no place to re-construct the mosque at Hajo.

Moreover, houses of over 500 families have been destroyed in flood for the past several years but the water resource department is least bothered about it and the government has no solution for the problem.   

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