‘1912’ Power Theft Toll Free Number in Assam: Bimal Borah

Power Minister Bimal Borah said that 1912 is the Toll Free Number to complain against power theft in Assam.

The announcement was made by the minister while addressing the media in a press meet on Monday at the Bijuli Bhavan.

Bimal Borah had also made other important statements in the press meet in concern with the power supply in the state.

 “The work of the department has improved somewhat,” stated the minister in the press meet.

 He also said that efforts are being made to provide regular power supply all around the state.

 Another concerning issue that has been raised by the minister is that billions of rupees have been lost due to power theft.

Alongside the Chief Minister of Assam, steps have been taken in the power tax collection, said the minister.

Till June 27, total tax collected is Rs. 416.7 crore. Rs. 219 had been collected in the month of May.

Meanwhile, the revenue collection has already increased and the electricity bill will be around Rs. 508 crore this month.

Bimal Borah also stated that strong action has been taken against those who are involved in power theft and 124 thieves have been nabbed last month.

“Rs 11.75 crore has been collected from those involved in the theft,” said Bimal Borah.

The minister ensured that this effort will continue in the coming days and also urged the Legislative Assembly to amend a law in this regard.

The minister said that 1912 Toll Free Number has been especially made to file complaints against power theft in the state. The identity of the complainant will be kept confidential.

The power department have also promised house-to-house billing facility. And customers with high bills will also have the option of paying in instalments.

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