24 Bangladeshi residents with fake Aadhar cards detained at Agartala railway station


Mobile Task force (MTF) on Thursday booked 24 Bangladeshi people with fake Aadhar cards in their possession  at the Agartala Railway Station.

All of the booked people were on their way to Bangladesh via Tripura and had just arrived at the Agartala railway station from Uttar Pradesh via train. No proper documents were recovered from the arrested youths which led to suspicion from the MTF.

After being detained, they all were brought to MTF cell of Agartala and interrogated by the senior police officials. Abhijit Choudhury, Superintendent of MTF told that Aaadhar cards possessed by them were all fake.

During interrogation, the detained Bangladeshis said that they came in India three years back to study in a Madrassa.  They went to Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh where they started studying at a local Madrassa.

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