’25 lakh signature’ Memorandum has just 1.7 lakh signs


The Famous 25 lakh signature included a memorandum of the BJP affiliates demanding reverification of the NRC has turned out to be fake one.

The memorandum was handed over to the President of India by senior advocate Bijan Mahajan and some of his accomplices on behalf of a non-descript organisation called Asom Sachetan Mancha.

The same memorandum was submitted to the NRC Coordinator Prateek Hajela even as Supreme Court refused to entertain the demand.

Mr. Hajela, however, did not stop there. He was curious to know who those 25 lakhs were and why they did not raise Objection during the objection process of the NRC. 

He sat out and started counting each of the signatures and found that it contained only 1, 67,758 signatures in 17,863 memorandums.

Mr Hajela in a statement said, “Your claim of 25 lakh people signed in the memorandum is not based on fact.”

When the reaction was sought out from Mr Chandan Bhattacharya who orchestrated the move on behalf of the BJP, claimed that there were actually 25 lakh signatures, which is actually an astonishing 8% of the Assam’s population.

The BJP has 40 lakh memberships and the memorandum has 25 lakh purported signatures.  Mr Hajela also said that if such number of people had issues with the NRC why not one of them filed any objection during the objection process of the NRC.

Mr. Bhattacharya meanwhile castigated Mr. Hajela and alleged that he was working to defeat the interest of the Assamese people.

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