Uzanbazaar Murder Case: 3 Detained Including Victim’s Cousin

Guwahati: Three persons have been arrested in the Uzanbazaar murder case where a 13-year-old Dimple Kumawat was bludgeoned to death in her house yesterday.

Among the arrested is the son of Dimple’s aunt, identified as Ashish Gupta. The other two individuals include Ashish’s friend and a tenant of their rented house. The three detainees are currently lodged in Latasil police station.

Yesterday, approximately during the time of the murder, her father said that he had called Dimple at around 11 am which was picked up by Ashish, and the latter informed that Dimple was in the bathroom. 

Her mobile, which was untraceable, has been recovered from Ashish today afternoon.

Additionally, a shopkeeper near Dimple’s house informed that Ashish had come to his shop with blood on his finger and wanted to buy a band-aid as he claimed that he had cut his finger. The shopkeeper also said that he evidently had fear in his eyes when he came to his shop.

Meanwhile, police said that Ashish and the two other individuals were detained for questioning and are not accused yet.

Investigation is currently underway.

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