3 Members of A Family Electrocuted at Golakganj


In a tragic incident, three persons of a family have been electrocuted at Taiwan in Golakganj. The father, daughter and son-in-law have lost their lives after being electrocuted.

It has been reported that the son-in-law Yousuf Ali went to paddy field to give rat poison when he gets shock from an electric wire. Ali’s wife, Wasaton Bibi and her father when they witnessed that her husband was quivering immediately rushed to save him and gets shocked.

Ali died on the spot while both the father and the daughter were rushed to Dhubri Civil Hospital by locals as they were severely injured but they were declared dead after they reached the hospital.

The locals expressed anger over the negligence of the concerned department for which three lives were lost and staged protest against the incident by blocking the 31 No National Highway.

Meanwhile, police rushed to the spot and controlled the situation.

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