3 Myanmar Police Officers Take Refuge In Mizoram


Amidst the military coup in Myanmar, at least three of its police officers have crossed the border and reached India in a bid to escape the military junta and taken refuge in Mizoram.

As per reports, the three policemen have been sheltered near Lungkawlh in Sercchip district of Mizoram.

“They have fled as they cannot comply to the orders given by the junta. They are currently staying at a Community hall Lungkawlh village, Serchhip district where they are provided food and clean drinking water. Their identities and situation have been forwarded to the centre,” a top Mizoram Home department official said as reported by NDTV.

This is considered the first reported case of police fleeing Myanmar. Moreover, there have been several other instances of police joining the civil disobedience movement and protests against the junta.

The home department official further stated that the Myanmar police officers have not applied for asylum but have been sheltered on “humanitarian grounds”.

Mizoram shares a 404 km porous border with Myanmar. The state government has alerted all the border areas on a possible influx of people seeking refuge in the days to come, the official added.

On February 1, the junta overthrew a democratically-elected government, and detained its leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, disputing her party’s landslide victory in November.

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