3-years of change in Sonowal-led government


Assam Government mounted their three year belated celebration releasing an array of info-graphics through social media and conventional media showing them in good light but avoided major scale celebration like the previous years.

As per the graphics released in the social media, the State Government claimed that following support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and co-operation of the people of the state government has been able to unleash massive development activity. Thanking the people of Assam on the occasion of third anniversary of BJP-led government in the state, Sonowal said that his government is working for all round development of all sections of the people of the state.

Sonowal claimed that during the three years of BJP-led government in the state, the law and order situation has been improved and that as a result of special emphasis put by PM Narendra Modi for the development of the state, a ray of hope has already been generated among the people of the state. The CM further said that during these three years, the publication of NRC has been done without any disturbances and that the Lok Sabha elections, autonomous elections and Panchayat elections have been conducted successfully and peacefully.

However surprisingly, the State Government did not celebrate it like the previous years mega celebration, holding it back to celebrate jointly with the victory celebration when prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to visit the state after taking the oath of office on May 30.

Assam has been a sporting hub during the Sonowal-led government and major international sporting events and business summits have been conducted successfully as per the graphics released in the social media. During the Sonowal-led government in the state, major scams have also been unearthed like the APSC scam, agriculture scam, land acquisition scam to name a few. In the APSC scam, charge sheet have been submitted against 74 persons and 70 officials have been arrested including the Chairman of APSC Rakesh Paul. However, all the accused in the scam are in bail and court also found lot of loopholes in the charge sheet.

On the other hand, 78 cases have been registered under the vigilance and anti-corruption, 69 public servants accused of corruption have been arrested, 156 regular enquiries have been taken up against public servants and 306 enquiries have been conducted.  

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