4 Nirbhaya Convicts To Hang Tomorrow


Eight years after the ghastly rape and murder, the four convicts of the Nirbhaya case: Akshay Thakur, 31, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma, and Mukesh Singh will be hanged tomorrow.

Their all legal remedies exhausted as the lawyers representing them successfully delayed their hangings for more than three months as strategically their mercy petitions were moved.

The Patiala House Court rejected all petitions of the convicts, Akshay Thakur, 31, Pawan Gupta, 25, Vinay Sharma, 26, and Mukesh Singh, 32, who are to hang at 5.30 am on Friday.

The convicts had requested that their execution be stopped, claiming that they still had legal remedies left.  “No legal remedies are pending as of now. Pawan and Akshay’s second mercy was also not entertained by the President of India,” Public Prosecutor Irfan Ahmad told the court.

“My friend can move 100 applications, but these are not strictly legal remedies,” he said.

There was much drama outside the court when a convict’s wife, who has sought a divorce, fainted outside the Patiala House court complex.

In another manoeuvre to delay the death sentence, three death-row convicts, represented by advocate AP Singh, had petitioned the court saying their legal remedies were pending.

The hanging will bring to an end one of the most ghastly episodes of rape and murder by a group of six persons. One got away with three years of prison as he was minor during the crime while main accused Ram Singh committed suicide.

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