4 Quarantine Centers Under Construction at Khanapara


At the time when the state of Assam is nearing 3000 cases of COVID-19, the government is busy in increasing the number of quarantine centers in the state.

The construction of the quarantine center is going on in full swing at the Khanapara Veterinary College field. Four quarantine centers will be constructed at Khanapra out of which the work of three centers has almost completed while the work of the fourth one is under construction.

In each center, there will be 150 rooms and accordingly, around 900 people could be quarantined at a time.

Notably, the state registered 2,835 cases of COVID-19 as on Monday night with 2044 active cases. The numbers of cases are increasing at an alarming rate and therefore, there will be a need of more quarantine centers in the state for which the government is preparing the centers as per the requirement.

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