4 Rivers in Tripura Listed Most Polluted


Among the 36 most polluted Rivers of the country, at least four out of 11 Rivers in Tripura have been placed in the list as most polluted.

Dr. Rajendra Singh who is known as the waterman of India seeks immediate river rejuvenation programme in the state and urged the government to undertake a mission for the revival of the rivers to increase the water flow and prevent unintended human activities for checking pollution.

Attending a two-day national workshop on river and water management for sustainable development in Tripura University, Singh interacted with a large number of academicians, activists and students for drawing a comprehensive action plan for river rejuvenation.

Singh stated that Tripura gets an annual rainfall of around 2200 mm and the distribution of rainfall is also spread over the year which is uncommon in many parts of the country. He said that the healths of the rivers are not satisfactory because of absence of proper management plan. During monsoon, the water level raises but when there is no rain the water level goes down and it is seen that the Rivers are mostly filled with dirt which cause serious impact on the local environment.

He further informed that River Howrah flowing through Agartala to Bangladesh, Manu River flowing across Dhalai and North Tripura districts of Bangladesh, Burima River passing through Sepahijala district and Gomati River to Meghna of Bangladesh has been identified as the most polluted rivers in Tripura and are on the verge of death.

Singh also reiterated that the government must stop encroachment of river banks, prevent the people from dumping waste in the river to control pollution and to restrain over-extraction of river water.

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