400 Litres Of Illegal Country Wine Seized In Lakhimpur

War against illicit business continues to flourish as more illegal country wine was seized in Lakhimpur.

On Saturday, local police seized 400 litres of country liquor from Ubhota Champora village in Ghilamora town.

So far, no arrests have been made.

In another instance, Kaziranga’s Kohora police seized a huge quantity of illegal wine from two places on the same day.

A man identified as one Digraj Prasad was apprehended in relation with the illegal wine business. He had been running the illegal business from his home.

Since the formation of the new government last month, Assam police has ramped up its fight against various illegal activities in the state including human trafficking, drugs and cattle smuggling etc.

CM Sarma also informed that state police have seized illicit drugs worth a whooping Rs 23.8 crore and arrested more than 500 peddler in one month.

“As per government record, in last one month we have seized heroin worth Rs 7,98,68,000, Ganja worth Rs 6,10,49,059, Tablet worth Rs 9,02,60,700, Morphin Rs 50,000, Cough Syrup Rs 38,68,500, Opium Rs 11,07,500 and Poppy straw Rs 18,45,000,” he said.

In a bid to tackle cattle smuggling, a new law will also be passed which will declare the transit of cattle as illegal.

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