5,133 Ceasefire Violations By Pakistan In 2020: Defence Minister


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, during the Rajya Sabha session on Monday, said that Pakistan has resorted to 5,133 incidents of ceasefire violations in 2020, adding that 46 security personnel were killed.

Singh said that “appropriate retaliation” to the ceasefire violations was carried out as required.

“In addition, all violations of ceasefire are taken up with Pakistan authorities at the appropriate level through the established mechanism of hotlines, flag meeting as well as weekly talks between the director generals of military operations of the two countries,” Mr Singh said.

“Diplomatically, India has repeatedly emphasised at the highest level, the need for Pakistan to uphold the sanctity of the Line of Control and the International Border as its obligations emanating from the understanding in vogue,” he added.

Till January 28 this year, the defence minister said there were 299 incidents of ceasefire violations. In 2019, there were 3,233 such incidents.

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