53 Casual Employees of NTR Fired


As many as 53 casual employees have been dismissed from their jobs working under the Office of the CF & Field Director under Namdapha Tiger Reserve (NTR), Miao in Arunachal Pradesh.

An official statement issued by the department stated that a total of 166 casual employees under various categories were employed under the Project Tiger scheme, National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA).

The release also stated that the NTCA has not provided any fund for the payment of wages of the 166 casual employees during the year 2018-19. The statement further reads as, “A huge amount of fund is required to meet the expense of wages of these employees and also a huge amount of unpaid arrear wages is lying outstanding due to not receipt of fund from NTCA.”

The department has conducted an assessment following the non-receipt of fund of performing and non-performing casual employees under various ranges and non-performing casual employees have been shortlisted as the department authorities claimed that there is a large number of non-performing casual employees adding to the burden of this establishment.

The department, therefore, dismissed the job of 53 casual employees in different categories.

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