5G coming soon!


The full scale operation of 5G networks is likely to start globally by the end of 2019. The Department of Telecom (DoT), as per the guidelines has started preparatory work for unrolling of 5G services. Also the pilot surveys for the operation of 5G networks have already started.

Meanwhile, to roll out 5G services and to offer multi-gigabits mobile broadband services (MBB) under 5G networks, the DoT would essentially require large contiguous spectrum blocks per operator. Following the TRAI white paper, the DoT will soon start identifying and making available new spectrum bands for access and backhaul segments for timely deployment and growth of 5G networks.

According to a DoT ministry note, it will also make available harmonised and contiguous spectrum required for deployment of next generation access technologies. Also the 5G committee of the telecom ministry has already said that about 6,000 Mhz of spectrum can be made available without delay for the next generation mobile service.

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