6 must-try street foods of Durga Puja


During Durga Puja, every small and big city in Assam turns into food courts. In each of the restaurants, serpentine queues are seen. From five stars to the street foods, people of Assam are gorging at everything and till midnight there are traffics jams near the well-known takeaways.

Here are six must-try foods from the streets during this Durga puja:


Jalebi is the most popular sweet during Durga Puja. Crispy, hot jalebis are a favourite with everyone in Assam during the Durga puja. Sweet shops can be seen stocking them up in large numbers during puja season. After hours of pandal hopping, a jalebi is a must-have.


Rolls are a Durga puja staple. But it has to be extra saucy. Parathas that are fried with a battered egg and filled with vegetables, chicken, onions, the rolls from roadside joints are a must.


Noodles tossed with sauces, finely chopped vegetables and sometimes with meat, roadside chowmein or chow-chow have no competition when it comes to Guwahati. You can find chowmein outside every pandal in the city.


There is something special about the Khichiri served at various Puja Pandals on Ashtami. Members of the puja committees serve khichiri to the hundreds of devotees as well as hoppers.


There is no doubt that Phuchka is a very commonly loved dish by most of the Indians. Phuchka or Golgappa or Pani Puri are deep-fried puffy balls of semolina filled with a mixture of the boiled gram, mashed potatoes and a mix of tangy and spicy chutney. Phuchkas are dipped in spicy water and is meant to be consumed all at once.


The spiced chickpea-based curry is a popular street-side snack in Assam. The perfect blend of spices with chopped onions, coriander leaves, and green chilies is tempting enough to grab the taste buds of foodies.

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