6 ULFA (I) cadres surrendered


On Friday based on a specific input received by Tinsukia district police, regarding presence of  ULFA (I) cadre in area of Margherita, a joint search operation was launched led by Tinsukia Police, (inclusive of 210 Cobra bn, 68 Bn CrPF) with 9 Rajrif and 21 PARA SF.

Reportedly, four ULFA ( I ) cadres, after relentless efforts of police and security forces, came up to lay down their arms and surrender. Initial interrogation of the cadres is being carried out.

As per reports, the ULFA (I) cadres have been identified as SS Second LT Pabitro Asom alias Phamen Moran, Aluk Asom alias Mintu Moran, LC Merchant Asom alias Pranjit Moran, LC Abon Asom alias Rajib  Moran.

Moreover, the following items were recovered and seized from their possession as 4 AK series  Rifles (2 MQ 81 and 2 AK 56), 275  Live bullets 9 Magazines and one Hand grenade.

Again, based on interrogation of the four ULFA (I) cadres, surrendered in Margherita area on Friday afternoon, corroborated by a specific input received by Tinsukia Police, of two ULFA (I) cadres with arms in Tekri area under Pingree PS, another joint search ops was launched led by Tinsukia police (inclusive of 210 Cobra, 68 Bn Crpf ) with 3 Garhwal and 21 PARA SF.

Two ULFA (I) cadres came up to surrender from the Tekri Mangaon area under  Pingree PS.

The details of the surrendered cadres are Cpl Sonjuk Asom alias Milan Jyoti Mohanto, L Cpl Puron Asom alias Kolyan Boruah.

Moreover, 2 AK series assault rifles (2 MQ 81), 120 Live bullets, 4 Magazine, and 1 Hand grenade had recovered from their possession.

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