68 year old German reaches Assam on foot

At a time when we need a vehicle even to reach a nearby locality, a German national has set an example by travelling from Germany to Assam on foot.

68 year old Kuno Jakob, reached Assam on Wednesday who through his journey aims to spread the message of brotherhood and friendship around the world.

Jakob, a farmer by profession, has been travelling since one and a half years with only a two-wheeler luggage consisting of all his necessities and requirements inside.

Sharing his experience so far, Jakob said, “I had started my journey one and half years ago on foot and till now I have travelled across 15 countries including 13 states of India covering a distance of 14000 km.”

The farmer has now reached a remote area of Barpeta. He further plans to visit all the seven northeastern states along with Myanmar through Guwahati.

Further, “Before going back home to Europe, I would visit Myanmar, Indonesia, Australia, South America and North America”, he added.

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