Basistha police apprehends 7 robbers


On Saturday night, acting on a tip-off Basistha police conducted an operation in Basistha Chariali. During the operation the crew of police had managed to detain a gang of seven robbers near Basistha Chariali.

Police seized more than 100 smart phones, TV, cash money, gold ornaments, daggers and sharp weapons along with three scootys.

The robbers have been identified as Abhishek Dey, Boluram Brahma, Sanjay Singh, Jun Ali, Ajit Rabha, Nanta Dhar and Rahul Choudhury. The entire operation was headed by ACP Nandini Kakati. As per reports, one constable of Assam police was injured during the operation.

It may be mentioned that crimes in Guwahati have been increasing day-by-day, police figure shows, as robbery, smuggling and violent crime all have increased in the city.



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