75000 complete 14-day quarantine | BIG DAY for Assam Govt.

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Finally, the most awaited day has come… FRIDAY will be a game-changer for state government’s relentless fight against COVID-19 pandemic as around 75,000 people have completed their mandatory quarantine of 14 days last night and are likely to be released today if they do not show any negative symptom.

Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Thursday said these persons, who came back from the rest of the country after March 28, would complete 14-days of quarantine on Friday.

“Our doctors and other medical staff have started tests and necessary screening of all these people. If they don’t show any symptom of COVID-19, they will be allowed to go back to their homes,” he said.

The minister on Thursday visited Srirampur on the Assam-Bengal border where around 600 Assam citizens were stuck as they were in transit the day lockdown was imposed. They completed their 14-day quarantine on Thursday.

“We’re initiating the process to send them back homes after check-up. I visited and enquired about their health with my colleagues,” he said.

On the people who visited Nizamuddin, the minister said around 10-15 were still untraced.

“We are going to initiate stern action against those. In fact, a case is also being filed against the patient from Dhubri. Without disclosing his travel history, he had visited several hospitals before testing positive, risking the lives of doctors and other patients. Because of him, we had to quarantine many doctors and nurses,” Sarma said.

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