8 Bangladeshi nationals apprehended in Guwahati


On Monday afternoon, Guwahati GRPS and Border Br. Staff managed to apprehend eight Bangladesh nationals at Guwahati Railway Station while they were waiting to board in Down Chennai Express train.

They are – 1. Akram Hussain, 19, S/O Jainal Abedin, Vill. Holodia
2. Dilwer Hussain, 19, S/O Lt. Jafaruddin, Vill. Korolia Takia
3. Rubel Hussain, 19, S/O Lt. Sultan Mia, Vill. Uttar Jalanti
4. Kamal Hussain, 20, S/O Lt. Samsul Haque, Vill. Uttar Jalanti
5. Manir Hussain, 21, S/O Nurul Islam, Vill. Bagan Bazar
6. Abu Taher, 18, S/O Rafiqul Islam, Vill. Korolia Takia
7. Sobuj Hussain, 19, S/O Lt. Yusuf Ali, Vill. Uttar Jalanti
8. Manir Hussain, 18, S/O Alamgir, Vill. Hatirkheda,

As per reports, all are from Bangladesh (P:O Chikoncherra, PS Bhojpur, Dist. Chittagong)

As per their statements, they entered into India through Agartala border on 20th April and boarded in Guwahati bound bus on the next day and arrived Guwahati today morning. They are possesing Adhaar cards suspected to be forged and some mobile phones with Bangladesh Sim cards.

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