80.7% Of The Youths are Internet Addict


80.7% of the youths are Internet addict. Among these 80.7%, female addicts are 84.2% and male addicts are 71.4%.

This was revealed in a study commissioned by the Guwahati Medical college hospital (GMCH) in the Guwahati city, which have given a detailed report on the internet addiction and its relationships with depression, anxiety and stress.

The study was carried out by the Department of Community Medicine, Gauhati Medical College and Hospital, and Department of Radio-diagnosis, NarayanaHridalaya, Guwahati.

The study found that Internet addiction is more amongst women than men. The study said that amongst the women it is 84% while for men it is comparatively lower at 71%.

The study found that amongst the students of Guwahati, 65.38% have mild addiction, 13.46% have moderate addiction, 1.92% have severe addiction and 19.23% have no addiction. Another analysis about the purpose of Internet use clearly shows that 71.4% use internet for social networking and 42.1% use internet for study.

The study selected randomly  10 colleges out of 103 government and private higher secondary schools and colleges of Kamrup district. This study was approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee and it was conducted from July to October 2017.

The study has more interesting revelations.  It found that in social networking use, female have far outstripped men. In fact, men have no standings before the women as only 19% male are found to be addicted to social networking while in comparison nearly 81% women are regular users of the same platform.

Moreover, the report also has interesting information about the hours the youth spend over Internet. Shockingly about 6% youth spend 9 hours of the day on the internet.  More than half of the students covered in the study spend more than 3 hours while one third (34%) spend 3-6 hours daily poring over internet from their mobile screen.

So, this study clearly reveals the highly increasing use of Internet. If we can make the use of Internet in a positive way, it will be beneficial for the entire mankind.

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