80-year-old Assamese man walking home 225 km away


An 80-year-old Assamese man, unable to find any transport, was walking home in the desolate condition when locals at Biswanath Chariali rescued him, after walking 110 kilometres from Koliabor.

According to the police, an octogenarian, Khagen Baruah (80) of Laluk had gone to Guwahati to meet his son who works there and returned home on the day before the lockdown was declared.

He left Guwahati on March 23 but the bus dropped him at Koliabor. Unable to find any communication to go to Laluk near Lakhimpur, he was stranded. So he decided to walk without realising what lied ahead. Next day he reached Tezpur walking and on the way got robbed also.

The old man determined to go home as he had no shelter on the way slowly continued to walk and reached Jamuguri and finally on the afternoon of 25th he was spotted by some locals at Biswanath Chariali.

Being asked about his status, he narrated the whole incident to the locals, who were shocked. He was immediately transferred to the Bora nursing home of Chariali as he developed sore in his leg, dehydrated and completely weak.

By March 26th, he had sufficiently recovered with proper nursing in the Bora Nursing home. The locals meanwhile got in touch with the Biswanath Chariali police station who made special arrangement to drop the 80-year-old man at his home in Laluk.

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