86 “Jatiya Sangthans” and only 70 objections in NRC

There are 86 Jatiya Sangthanas putting pressure on the government to throw out the Bangladeshis in Assam, but so far there are just 70 objections against the suspected Bangladeshis in the ongoing NRC process.

These 86 organisations are in two groups. 26 are with AASU led bloc and 60 are in KMSS led bloc. Both are so busy in pressuring the government to delete, detect an deport Bangladeshis from Assam with usual statements, press conference and bandhs besdes various protest.

However the NRC authorities have informed that in the NRC’s objection process- so far just 70 applications of objections have been received.

The NRC authorities, at the instruction of the Supreme Court , have extended the last date of filing objections to December 15, 2018. For the advantage of those making objections, the NRC authorities have also removed the clause of fine in case of false and deliberate objection and secondly they also removed the clause that objectioner and the person objected has to from the same area.

Yet, there are just 70 objections even as the rhetoric of “lakh-Lakh Bangladeshis” going on in full swing.

All one has to suspect one person as Bangladeshi and put an objection form in the NRC and come for hearing on a particular day. But the 86 Jatiya Sangthanas are so busy that only 70 such objections have been received.

However most of the 86 organisations claim of havings ”lakhs of Bangladeshi name in the NRC” but on the ground there are no visible movement. What is most worrying part is that none of the 86 Jatiya Sangthanas could be seen mobilizing their ground strength for filing objections, which means in next 38 days, not many objections are exected.

This has led many to raise questions whether except 5-6, do these Jatiya Sangthanas actually exist in paper only. But it seems that all are busy in next phase of agitation and occupy maximum media space.

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